BookViewer is our solution for eBook reader. The solution provides a service for publishing houses to sell their books in electronic format with digital rights management. The published books can be read buy end-users using the BookViewer, our ebook reader application which runs on any Microsoft Windows PC. There are plans to release Android, iOS and Linux versions of the ebook reader.

The solution allows the end-user to have all the books at its hand on his own, work and school computer. The books can be downloaded instantly and the reader can start searching for his interest keywords immediately. The user downloads the book (after purchase confirmation) and the BookViewer. The book has to be activated, and then the customer can start read it. The BookViewer does not allow printing the application, but it allows access from up to 3 computers, so you can use it home, at school, and at work.

For publishers BookViewer is the safest service to sell your books in electronic format, and to insure the security for the content of your books. As well you have 24×7 control of the read books through BookViewer.
The BookViewer solution can be integrated with any online payment method, allowing your clients to have the books in minutes.

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