Matrix4Projects is a project collaboration software service, which was built initially thinking to civil engineering and constructions industry. The service increase collaboration of the teams across a project, and provides the tools for project control in all stages, starting from early definition of a project, until the last phases.

The service provides users with document management, drawing management, project planning and tracking, procurement management, contract management and many more features.

The project collaboration software is a secure solution, being based on a role-centric system, each user having one or multiple-roles within a project, role which determines the access level to the entities of the services. The historical data is persisted, so that team members can access earlier versions of the project data and may know who created/modified specific data.

It allows service subscribers to use it in project development even for preliminary studies – opportunity, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, and even for property and facility management. Additionally users are provided with a complete methodology in terms of online collaboration in construction project management, project extranet implementation, specialized training and support in order to ensure execution of successful projects.

At the end, this project collaboration software service improves construction project management by creating an easyer access to all information regarding the project including drawings, revisions, revison’s coments, documents, minutes of meetings, work progress charts, site photos etc.

The platform is developed in C#, on top of .NET Framework, web-based (ASP.NET) with a backend using Microsoft SQL Server.

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.NET Framework




Microsoft SQL Server

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