ShadowProtect web application is an IIS web application built to help manage ShadowProtect backups. The backup server is on a Windows Server 2008 box (“Backup server”) that receives a copy of each server’s ShadowProtect backup files. When each backup runs, it writes to a UNC share on the 2008 Backup server. In the event that one of the client’s production server’s fails, we use ShadowProtect‘s virtual boot option to boot the failed server virtually on the Windows Server 2008 “Backup server” box.

ShadowProtect web application is allowing:

1) View the backup sets for each of the client’s servers that are stored on the Backup server. 2) Initiate the Virtual boot process for each of the servers stored on the backup server. 3) View and interact with the Virtual boot console. Send CTL+ALT+DEL and all keyboard and mouse commands to the server that is booting within the backup server. 4) Manage resource allocation to the virtual machines that have been booted within the Backup server.

ShadowProtect web application was developed using .NET Framework, using C# as programming language, and deployed on top of IIS with ASP.NET. Since ShadowProtect does not features an API, we have implemented the calls to the ShadowProtect functions using automation scripts created in AutoIt.

Client: briteCITY through vWorker